Teaching & Training for Cross Cultural Ministry in Asia

International Students

Dear Applicants,

If you are serious about seeking a deeper relationship with God.

If you  have a desire to know God in a richer, more intimate way.

If you  desire to allow the Holy Spirit to conform them into the image of Jesus Christ.

If you desire to know the perfect will of God in your life.

If you are open to be and do whatever God may call you to be or do.

If you desire to prepare their life to be used by God in whatever capacity God might choose.

 If you desire to deny yourself, take up your cross and  follow Jesus.

 Then you are welcome to apply as a student here at Calvary Chapel Bible College Dumaguete Philippines.

To apply please follow the 4 simple steps below.

Step 1 - Obtain Application
You can obtain our application forms using one of the following options:

1. By visiting the downloads page and downloading the applicable PDF.

2. Or contact us through:

Calvary Chapel Bible College – Philippines

Km.6 Palinpinon Road

Candau-ay Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

Philippines 6200

Tel#(63)35-422-7780; Fax#(63)35-422-7787


Step 2 - Pastoral References
Along with your application you must submit 3 pastoral reference forms. These can be found within the application packet.
Step 3 - Application Fee
A non-refundable $50 application fee is required upon submission of application. This fee is deductible to the first semester upon enrollment.
Step 4 - Submit Application
You are now ready to submit your application. Applicants should send their applications before May and it will be reviewed by the Director, the Dean of Students and the School Administrator. An English Proficiency Test will be given and the student will be notified if he/she needs to enroll in the ESL Program which starts every April to May.

You may submit your application via postal mail or email:

Calvary Chapel Bible College – Philippines

Km.6 Palinpinon Road Candau-ay Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

Philippines 6200

Tel#(63)35-422-7780; Fax#(63)35-422-7787


Once the application is received by the college the documents will be reviewed and the college will notify the applicant through email or phone for an interview with the Director or the Dean of Students. During the interview it will be determined if the applicant will need to enroll in the 1 & a half- month ESL program prior to the start of class.

 Applicants will be accepted based on the following:

We are looking for individuals who have a personal relationship with the Lord and have a strong desire to grow in that relationship. Information contained in the application is thoroughly evaluated. This includes the student’s Personal Life Profile, Spiritual Life Profile, and Statement of Faith.
We want to see men and women that have shown signs of godly character. References from three sources, one of whom must be a pastor. We also ask that they be from people who have known the applicant for at least one year.
Our program has high academic standards since we have students read and chart through the Bible using Inductive Bible Study Method. They are expected to be able to learn and communicate effectively. High school Diploma is required.

What to Bring

 Packing Tips – Travel as light as possible! (You will find many things available here).

  • Clothing   (Loose, comfortable, light weight, cotton clothes:T- shirts, walking shorts(NO short-shorts), jeans, 1 long sleeve shirt (for A/C boat rides), nice slacks, skirts (no minis), dress, bandanas or handkerchiefs, tennis shoes, sandals, flip-flops, modest swimsuit (1pc w/ light weight shorts), underwear, a few outfits for church/ministry and events like weddings, etc.)
  • Beddings 1-2 sets of twin bedding and a pillow (you can buy your mattress here)
  • Medicines Prescription medicines, vitamins, Tylenol, Pamprin, Insect repellant, sunscreen (at least SPF30)
  • Toiletries Toilet paper or Kleenex pack (for travel); soap & shampoo (can be bought here), toothbrush, toothpaste, hand wipes, feminine hygiene, hand sanitizer, alcohol
  • School Supplies BIBLE, Notebooks, NKJ Bible Dictionary, NKJ Bible Concordance, Pens, Highlighters
  • Others 
  1. MP3 or MP4 players with earphones for Chuck Smith Listening
  2. ATM card with visa privileges with Star or Cirrus. A couple of hundred dollars in cash (large bills) to exchange when you get here
  3. Rain Jacket, umbrella, sunglasses, camera, water bottle
  4. Mobile Phones

What NOT to bring

  • Computer games, televisions, DVDs, Secular CD’s
  • Travelers Checks
  • Too many personal electronics
  • Anything you aren’t prepared to share with others
  • Too many books or clothes (space is limited)