Teaching & Training for Cross Cultural Ministry in Asia



” We are a Christian organization committed to build, equip and train servants of God for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.”


  1. A training center with primary goal of teaching the whole counsel of God which is His Word, the Bible.
  2. Provide an environment where God’s people, whether young or old could come and have fellowship and be encouraged to develop an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Host outreach teams and coordinate efforts to reach out to the lost with God’s love and the teaching of God’s Word.



trip_kimballAfter pastoring for more than a decade in Southern California, my heart was stirred about the need and opportunity to train leaders in SE Asia, especially in the Philippines. I came over to train pastors and leaders in Inductive Bible Study (IBS) in 1990. In 1995, I was asked by Ptr John Michaels to start up a Bible College for Calvary Chapel. After much prayer, God gave me the vision for what became the ministry of CCTC, a 3-fold ministry. Our foundation was the training of leaders in IBS, so the curriculum for the school was built upon this foundation. Later we were able to develop a missions component, and even sent out our first missionaries from CCTC toThailand in 2002.

Our vision has always been to equip leaders, including pastors, missionaries and church planters. Our process for equipping them has been both mobile (bringing workshops to many locations) and at our base in the beautiful site of Dumaguete City. We have seen many people come through our ministry as students and staff, all have been challenged to grow in their faith, as well as walk by faith. Many of our students have been challenged beyond what they thought possible. The continuing product has been fruitful ministry being established, not only in the Philippines, but beyond.

There are several ministries that have sprung up in the Philippines, Malaysia and in Thailand that have been established by our graduates and staff. The blessing is knowing that the vision is still being fulfilled, and is still reaching beyond our physical location in Dumaguete City. God has granted us great blessing and fruit these past 19 years (since 1995), that was born out of a decade of ministry experience prior to CCTC being established. We trust that CCTC will continue being both fruitful and challenging for anyone who would come to be a part of this ministry, for as many years that remain till the Lord returns.

May God bless you, as He has blessed us these many years, that you may be faithful and fruitful in the Lord and His Kingdom, as we pursue His calling in fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

Only by His grace,

Ptr Trip Kimball, founding director/ CCTC





JimmyThank you for your interest in Calvary Chapel Bible College Dumaguete in the Philippines (CCBCD). I recall my experiences in 1989 when I first visited CCBCD. I was impressed by the love of the staff and the friendliness of the students. It seemed that though they barely knew me, everybody genuinely cared about me. I thought to myself that I had to be mistaken. Years later, I look back and realize that not only was it very real, but I still have relationships with many of the same people.

CCBCD gives its students a foundation in biblical and theological training that effectively equips them, not only for spreading the gospel in the 10/40 window, but for the variety of ministries God calls them to accomplish. Many of CCBCD’s alumni have become pastors, missionaries, and leaders in their communities, and all were adequately prepared for their calling.We are located at the gateway to the least reached part of the world. Students are not only trained theologically, but they are immersed into Asian culture. They are also taught to raise crops and livestock in Asian countries, equipping them to go into the poorest of villages with tools to help feed people physically while they feed them spiritually.

As President of CCBCD, I’m committed to continuing the legacy of excellence in training servant leaders for Jesus Christ for the next generation. CCBCD is far more than courses of study, programs, buildings, books, and computers. The heart of ministry is people. It is the interaction with pastors, professors and fellow students in class, in the dormitories, in chapel, and in prayer and fellowship that can help shape you to become the servant leader the Lord wants you to be. I hope, if you haven’t already done so, you’ll plan to visit our campus as soon as possible. I think a visit to our College will help you understand why I have been involved with CCBCD for so many years and why I still believe it’s the ideal place to prepare to invest your life to serve Jesus Christ, in whatever career God leads you to pursue.

Pastor Jimmy Morales


Pastor Jimmy’s Sermons






Dear Prospective Student,

Most of us have been taught that education is important because we should be prepared for our future.  As a Christian, we know that our spiritual future is of higher value than our physical future. The Bible teaches us that our life is just a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.  We should want to make the most of our life for Jesus because only the things we do for Him we make a difference for eternity.

By enrolling at CCBC-D,Philippines, you are making an important decision to make an investment in your future.  If you want to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus, have a better understanding of God’s Word and want to be better equipped for serving Jesus in the ministry, then prayerfully consider attending our school.

The school teaches the entire Word of God from Genesis to Revelation by using the Inductive Bible Study Method.   The Bible is our text book and the Holy Spirit is our teacher.  You will also build friendships, learn about cross-cultural relationships, develop your spiritual gifts to be prepared for God’s calling on your life.  Expect to be transformed to the likeness of Jesus Christ by the power of His Spirit working through His Word, and the lives of other believers.  May God give you His wisdom and direction for your future and may you be obedient to His voice.

Grace and Peace,

Ptr. Gospel Gayaden