Teaching & Training for Cross Cultural Ministry in Asia



Are you interested in enrolling your child / children in a Christian School which uses internationally recognized curriculum? It is the vision of Calvary Chapel Training Center / Bible College located in Candau-ay, Dumaguete City to establish a school of basic education for parents who desire for their children to achieve academic excellence in a curriculum that emphasizes morality and positive character built upon Biblical principles within a conventional classroom setting. In addition, we envision a curriculum that integrates the Word of God throughout all disciplines and with the goal of sending disciples into the world to reach the lost with the Gospel (Matthew 28:19).

The following 5 Distinctives will be foundational to our curriculum development.

Distinctive #1: A curriculum which focuses on a conceptual approach to learning (similar to the Inductive Bible Study Approach) which stresses understanding and application over recital or memorization.

Distinctive #2: A curriculum that is multi-sensory.

Distinctive #3: curriculum which emphasizes a balanced approach to learning, all encompassing Bible study,  academics, arts, sports, music, livelihood training and other essential learning so the child of God may be fully equipped.

Distinctive #4: A curriculum which emphasizes the teacher over the textbooks. Because the curriculum is not “Textbook-driven”, the teacher is empowered and encouraged to use their expertise and creativity in the classroom.

Distinctive # 5: A curriculum that is truly written from a Biblical worldview in all subject matters.

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Teachers with their students