Teaching & Training for Cross Cultural Ministry in Asia

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The School of Worship was birthed out of a desire to encourage and equip those who believe God is calling them into the ministry of leading the church in worship.

As with any house that is built, it is vital that the foundations be secure and solid.  Jesus himself said that “whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house upon a rock” (Matt 7:24).  It is our prayer that the School of Worship will play a role in that foundation – laying process for the ministry and the calling that God has on your life.

General Program Description

A. The School of Worship is a 9 month (2 semesters) .program – the 9th month will be the practicum month.  Activities during the 9 month includes but not limited to the following: Leading a Night of Psalm, leading a mini- Hope For You type event and recording of originally written worship songs.

B. All SOW classes credits to the Bible College.  SOW Students who desire to take biblical studies may take one additional year of biblical studies for  a Diploma of Biblical Studies – Worship Track.  The Worship Track is a additional program to the existing 3 year Biblical Studies (Pastoral & Missions Track).

C. SOW therefore provides promotions to bible college and potential additional students to its regular non-SOW program.

Mode of Instructions

A. All CORE Classes are going to be in the form of class instructions, reading assignments & workshop.

B. All Music track and elective classes are going to be a combination of class instructions, reading assignments and audio/video inter-active workshops.

C. Class schedules are flexible. 1 Block class meets 3 hours/day for a week for 1 unit class.  Semestral class schedule meets 1 hour a week for a the whole semester (4 months).


Academic Calendar 2019-20

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